Problems marrying someone without a high school diploma?

I need opinions: I spent 12 years getting my doctorate, is it weird to marry someone who hasn't earned their high school diploma? My friends and family sure think so.


I'd say you are not mature enough to marry. Grow up a bit first and leave the poor women alone.


You may have trouble discussing advanced subjects with her, but there are many facets to love, so she could be the one. Have some honest discussions about money, lifestyle, children, etc.


you marry the person for his intelligence , kindness, manliness and consideration towards you and others you do not marry a dipolma or a degree


Not necessarily. A lot depends on why the person didn't get the diploma. I know a woman with 2 graduate degrees who married a man from another country who didn't have a high school diploma, but he's very smart. It's been a bit of scramble, but he now has 2 businesses that he owns. And they get along very well. It can be a problem if one partner looks down on the other partner, or if they don't have much in common to talk about.


This is not your friend's or family's life. This is your life. If marrying this person is what would make you happy, then why do you care if they did not earn their high school diploma or whatever anyone else says. Again, this is your life and this is up to you to make this kind of decision; not us or anyone but you.