What can I do for seniotitis?

I admit it, I have really bad seniotitis. I do not enjoy going to school anymore and I rarely do any of the work. Ive already cut my day short so I only have 4 classes. Im thinking of only talking 2 or 3 next trimester. I just cant stand doing the work anymore. I don’t skip to often but I just sit there and do nothing. What should I do? My parents think its too early to havd seniotitis.


when I got seniortitis I just sucked it up and kept pushing through cuz u gotta do what u gotta do. just suck it up ur almost there


There is no such thing as "senioritis". That is an EXCUSE some teenagers give, because they are impatient and immature, to not do their work. If you think THIS is bad, wait until you have to go to work, every weekday, for the next 45 years... Here is a life lesson that will serve you well for the rest of your life: When you are unhappy about something, you have 3 choices: 1) Change the situation. That would include options such as changing schools, changing classes, find some hobbies or volunteer work to make your last year of school more interesting, and so on. 2) Remove yourself from the situation. That would include options such as drop out, or graduate early. 3) Change your attitude. My suggestion is that you select #3. Do some research about what life will be like if you fail to graduate. Research what life is like for kids in other countries, in which many kids are not even ALLOWED to attend school (especially girls), and are forced to beg for their families, or to work in mines, or to work as prostitutes. Hopefully you will find a renewed sense of gratitude regarding the life you have, and you will see school as a golden opportunity, rather than a restriction.