Help with ryming this quote?

I m makeing a t-shirt that says it s a tea shirt with the image of a tea bag on it. I need a small quote that rymes with tea bag.

Lorenzo Steed

Well, if you're a tea bagger, then you can gag on the flag.

Lapiz Dominoes

Get this swag! My chill tea bag!.


There isn't a single word that rhymes. (I have a rhyming dictionary right here.) You need to come up with a two-word rhyme. Sea Hag. Me Flag Bee Rag.


Tea Bag Has a String Tag that says.... Tail Wag Don't Gag Sag Zig Zag To prevent Jet Lag

thomas f

A tea bag, not a slease bag.


"this shirt is a tea bag, T-gag.

Pat Wooden

Don't be a drag--use a tea bag


First, learn to spell "Rhyme."