Right or wrong?

Basically I dedicated a quote to my best friend and then she goes to dedicate the same quote to another of my "friend". I got a little angry. Was i right or wrong?


You are right to be angry but you should only be angry if your friend gave you credit for that quote. (Ex. I got that quote from my friend ...)

Karen L

You're wrong. You don't own the quote. She can use it if she wants to.


I think you are right to get a little angry. She made something special seem unspecial by giving it away. She didn't seem to appreciate it, and then she poured all of this love and respect on another person; why didn't she give you a special quote?


What was the quote? If it was something about "you're my best friend"- and she sent it to someone else, then she's saying you're not her best friend. But if it's something like "Life is great with you in it" then it's fine that she sent it to another person, perhaps to cheer them up.


I definitely don't think you were wrong because everyone values different things. However, I think getting angry and allowing this to ruin your relationship isn't right. You should explain to your best friend and try to make her understand that this is important to you. If she understands, great! But if she doesn't it's ok, everyone values different things. Hope this helps!


Emotions are neither right nor wrong. They just are. What you DO with those emotions may be right or wrong, but the way you feel is neither. By the way, you CHOOSE your emotions by what you tell yourself about a situation (self-talk). So, the real question is: Why did you choose to get angry? Get a used copy of "A Guide to Rational Thinking" by Albert Ellis. He explains how you can change your emotions, or choose different emotional reactions, by changing your self-talk.

Good Man

U r not right . Words are to communicate . Ur friend liked ur quote , so she take it appropriate to forward it to some other friend


I think your friend does not see you the way you see them.


You were correct to get angry, I would have been angry too.