What does this quote mean?

"The entire able bodied population are preparing to massacre one another, thought no one, it is true, wants to attack. Yet the whole world feels that it only requires some unforeseen incidence, some unpreventable accident, for a spark to fall in a flash and blow all of Europe sky high" -Frederick Passy I could not find anything on Google


Seems pretty much self explanatory. There is a high tension among the populace, and some stimulus will set them off into some sort of fighting/battle.


It seems pretty clear. It helps to know that Passy lived from 1822- 1912 (easily googlable). That was right before WWI, which was in fact, a flash that blew Europe sky high. He was saying that there was a lot of tensions among the countries in Europe- each was angry at the other. The "unpreventable" spark was the killing of Archduke Ferdinand. Vengeance for that act started a war that engulfed most of Europe.


The bible teaches us that the governments of the world. will turn on religion. So it will be religion that will be turned on .