Am I fat? Please be honest?? I don't wanna eat anymore..?

I thought I was recovered from my ED but guess not...I am 123lbs and 5'6..My butt sticks out and looks thighs touch and I have big curves...It is gross...I hate myself and want to get back to the weight I was when i used to starve myself (111lbs) do I do this? I don't care what happens. No guy wants girl with a body like me...I'm 19. Female. I want to cry every time I see myself....I don't wanna eat anymore.


5' 6" and 123 is very close to my wife, who is definitely not fat. She wears sizes 1 and XS. When we are out in public people are always checking her out. If you could take a lesson from her, she just eats sensibly (not starving!) and takes the dog for a walk every day. An ED is a serious issue, and if you can't beat it on your own, please seek help or a support group before it gets the best of you.


No you're fine, eating is important just watch your calories.


i wish I was that weight...I am 5'5 and no, your not fat


No man wants a woman with mental health issues. Go back to your psychologist or psychiatrist, not to starvation.


Thick is in. Kim K and Beyonce prove this. Just work on toning your stomach and get in a gym to tone and you’ll be fine. Curves can be so hot if healthy and toned.


Yes, I advise you to go to the gym at once before the fatness kills you and destroys the world!