Atheists. What about your Book of Pages tells how prehistoric simians bequeathed Atheism to their homo sapien descendants?

The Atheists Book of Pages was written around 75 B.C. - 75 A.D. Atheists secret society Keepers of the Book are trying to resurrect dead planet Jupiter. Visitors from Jupiter came to the Garden of Eden as a serpent to tell Adam and Eve the their planet Jupiter is dying. NOW TODAY your Atheist secret society is trying to resurrect it with Toynbee Tile messages.... GOOGLE Toynbee Tiles.


My honest answer all about the book of pages is a bad joke or maybe that you need to take your medications or maybe that you should stop using drugs... people like you maybe explain why gods if real will need to hide invisible and undetectable in shame


Underground dwellers are vampires with nuclear weapons.


The ONLY time I have heard of this book is on here by lying people who insult their god. Please pray for guidance. You need help


Dude, get your meds adjusted.