Can someone comment on my elevator pitch? Tell me if it sounds good or needs improvement.?

I'm Piper I've been teaching early education for 8 years now, most recently Ive had the awesome opportunity to work with children who have special needs and volunteer with at risk teens. I really take pride in early education, I've actually implemented programs such as yoga, art, and science into two schools I've taught at. Right now, I'm looking to take my expertise outside of the normal classroom setting and work as a behavior technician, I want the chance to work closer to families and have one on one time with the children.


I agree with other comment, normal should be removed. I understand you aren't intending to call anyone abnormal but others could be offended. Also, if this is something you'll be writing down you'll need to fix some grammatical errors. As a quick speech it sounds fine.


don't use the normal...implies others are abnormal. "typical" is a good alternate word what does this have to do with an elevator? it really needs better grammar. if this is just oral, the grammar isn't too bad. also, some people object to the term special needs. try to find out what the preferred term is for your area.