Did Obama permanently damage the USA?

I can’t ever remember people, celebrities civilians or other government employees, being so outspoken about the president. Sure I remember talking with friends about how bad Bush was for bringing us to war with the Middle East, but to have every aspect of news and news related articles be about has never been done before. Is it the overwhelming easy access to make your voice heard through the use of social media? I don’t seem to recall any large scale backlash of anything the president did when Obama was in office. But now society seems to be changing into this nasty offended by everything creature who wants to change our history and genetics. Men pretending to be women so they can win a race or beat them in an MMA match, or looking like a man and talking like a man then getting pissed off when some kid calls you sir. Did the Obama administration open the floodgates to not allowing people to joke around anymore? To be offended by anything and everything?


trump is a cancer and is going down. All your stories and lies will not change that. Have a nice day


Not at all but your Fuhrer Trump did.


Has increased right along with the growth in tech, social media and such. Started right around Bush's reelection and has steadily grown since. The major difference between Trumps coverage and Obama's is how the media portrays both men. Last year over 80% of the news stories generated by the main stream media were negative towards Trump. Under Obama, the opposite was true.


So citizens voicing their dislike of President Trump is Obama’s fault? 🤔