Do I need to do anything before getting rid of an Ouija Board?

I didn't realize how many people believed in an Ouija Board working. Many people also say it's fake, and I can say I agree with that notion. I was going to use an Ouija Board as a prop, but better safe than sorry. I never used it, I never asked it questions, and I never took it out of the box. Do I need to do anything special before giving it away?

Adam D

You agree with the notion that it is fake - then how is anything other than treating it like a toy (which is all it is) "better safe than sorry"? It is a toy. Treat it as such.


Burn it. Fire consumes all.


You don’t believe it’s real so what’s the problem? You either do or you don’t Why would a toy company be selling a dangerous toy to children? Especially this day and age.


Throw that piece of useless wood in the trash.


Like what. My kids played with those when they were young and after they grew old enough to realize it's just another toy we sold it in a barn (garage) sale.