Have today's youth who are indoctrinated by Marxist Union teachers, had their ability to use logic and gain wisdom from?

life's experiences when maturing significantly stunted? Shouldn't we try following the Constitution after removing the Elitist and Despotic Swamp Dwellers in Washington DC as a starting point for correcting our Problems?


No system is perfect, it's all a matter of perception. But capitalism sure as **** has it's flaws. In a Marxist society, it wouldn't be exactly fair for everyone to all be equal when others achieve more, I get that. But in a society with capitalism, people are used and abused. The value of lives just doesn't mean as much as the money, so we have people working extremely hard, long hours, and barely put food on the table, because someone cares about money more than proper wage. We could just eliminate poverty and I'd be okay with it. Sure, the super successful should have more. But poverty is sickening, if a human being works hard, they shouldn't suffer. I'd honestly prefer Marxism to systematic slavery.