Tutor thinks I’m lying over dyslexia?

I got tested a good few years ago over dyslexia and was given additional support in test in college. A few years I didn’t think I needed it becuase I was doing an art course. I was offered but I was too stubborn to get it done. Come to today I’m doing an apprenticeship and my tutor has now suddenly asked for evidence over it. I’ve asked my family and college for any evidence and there is nothing! I don’t know what to do! Will I get sued or will it get into big trouble. I remember being tested and my mum went to a meeting for it but that’s it


I have dyslexia too. A mild version but enough to disrupt my reading and sometimes spelling and sentence structuring. Your tutor is a piece of garbage and you need to get one who doesn’t jump to conclusions like that. Good luck.


You need to contact the office of the professional who provided your diagnosis.


If you were give special compensation in college, they had to of had documentation of your learn disability. Where did you get tested? Where were the results sent? Did your Doctor get them? Did your high school get the results? Can you get tested again. It is like you are no long dyslexic And why does the tutor need documentation now?


Are you sure your tutor has the right to ask for this evidence? If he needed this information it should have been asked for prior to the course. It seems to me that as there is no current evidence it can't affect your performance either way. Of course you could volunteer for a test as appropriate but do you need to? If he implies you will suffer if you can't prove dyslexia you should ask to see his supervisor/principle to clarify the situation.


Get sued for what?