What learning disabilities do i have?

What learning disabilities do i have? Okay so i really can’t live life not knowing anymore, I’ve been told i am just dyslexic my whole life but i do believe there is more to it. I couldn’t read until i was 9, and that was after years of practice at home and at school. I can read perfectly now but if i read out loud i will stumble over so many words even the easy ones. Also i used to have a speech problem, still do a little but way better now. Now with spelling... I can’t spell without spell check or voice control of course i got the simple words down but if i went to write an essay on paper there would be no way people could read it. No matter how hard i try to sound out the word, i cant. And when i take notes in class i feel really sad because I can’t keep up and all the words are spelled wrong. And also when I’m writing i will just completely forget to write words, i just skip them without noticing but i know i had said them in my head. Ex. (“I like your dress you look nice today”, “i like dress you nice today”) Also i mix up my left and right if it’s the opposite of me even when focusing i will be yes this is left i know this is left and then it’s right. I can even get confused on what side of the rode i need to be on when i turn.

Pearl L

i would just get tested for it and then you'll know