What transition goals?

Should a 26 year old with autism have for adulthood?


the goals should have been in place when the person was 14. The goals for this specific person depends on their abilities and needs. they should include independent living, recreation skills, work skills, etc.


Autism is a spectrum, so the person with autism will have to assess his / her strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has these, and they vary from person to person. Generally: 1. See what kind of job he / she is qualified for, even if the job is part-time. It is always good to have something to do, to have responsibilities, and to interact with other people. 2. See whether he / she is able to live independently or else in supervised adult group housing. 3. See whether there are educational opportunities that might make these goals happen. 4. See about opportunities for socializing and having friends. Since I don't know if you are the person with autism, where you or this person lives, or what the person's needs and abilities are, then it is a little difficult to give advice. Here is a website that purports to give information on resources for adults with autism. Hopefully, you can find the information that you need here. You might have to input where you live in order to get the most helpful results. https://www.autismspeaks.org/adults-autism