When I was 8 I had Ovarian Cancer, is it possible for me now at 34 to get pregnant? I have been trying for a few months and not successful.?



I suggest you ask your family doctor about this. Nobody here is qualified to answer this question.

Max Hoopla

What does your doctor say?

Andy C

To answer this, you need to see a fertility doctor who can do tests on you to determine if there's any evidence of a problem. We didn't see one until after a year of nothing. Check with your insurance, if American, bc most companies don't cover fertility as it is seen as 'elective'. Such a status in a country with socialized medicine would no doubt incur a wait, but what are a few months to the $45,000 that we spent on IVF? Because IVF worked the first try, we were refunded $20,000. We went to the area's best clinic, but IVF is $12K-$50k. Diagnosis was only a few hundred dollers.


a question like this is highly suspect. 1st ovarian cancer in a kid is VERY rare https://denver.cbslocal.com/2016/10/12/teen-with-ovarian-cancer-possibly-youngest-in-u-s/ 2nd, common sense tells you that no one can answer without medical records. if neither or only 1 ovary was removed, pregnancy might be possible. but chemo can damage the remaining ovary and some women become infertile if both ovaries are removed, obviously you can't get pregnant without a donor egg and fertility naturally starts declining in the mid 30s


I really wish you idiots could see how stupid asking questions like this is. How would anyone here know the specifics of your (likely imaginary) cancer and what effects it has on your current medical condition? Why the actual f**k would you think polling the crowd would give you as good an answer as seeing your doctor. Do you want us to use tarot cards to give you an answer or is shaking our magic 8 ball good enough?

Jackie M

As far as I know anyone with ovarian cancer gets the ovaries removed? If you didn't then I presume you got chemo and radiotherapy which would destroy your eggs but speak to your doctor. Good Luck