Why would guys keep staring at me everywhere I go?

I am not the only one who notices this. Even my parents, friends, relatives and some random people have commented that. Is there something wrong with me or what?


its in the biology toots you got nice,,ah,,,feathers,


How would we know without seeing you everywhere you go?


Men stare at women whose bodies they like. They even stare at women whose bodies they DON'T like. They are using you like free porn ... imagining what you look like without your clothes and imagining what they would do to your body. Ignore them. You cannot stop them from staring . it is the nature of men. You might be able to reduce the staring if you show less skin, but I don't know if this is part of the problem since I have no idea how you dress.


If this was true your parents would have certainly done something by about this now. A parent would not stand by quietly while so many people stare at their child everywhere they go.

Ed Gein Jr.

Maybe they're staring at your breast friend.