Ap calculus and eupo history questions?

hi ill be taking ap calculus and ap euro next year. these will be my first two ap classes. i dont mind if the work load is a lot, unless its rlly too much. ik theres 2 classes for calculus. im just wondering if its very hard. im above average in my algebra 2 classes and currently in honors, but ik i might not be suited for ap calculus. im wondering how hard it is. for ap euro, i dont mind taking a lot of notes for hw, however im scared about how much i have to remember. i could do it but i would want someone to elaborate on what it is like. and please do explain how the ap tests for both of them are. im thinking that i wont take ap classes if i dont think i can do it


Why take AP euro?. Will it assist you in anyway in your intended major? The best AP class you can take is AP English language. It will help prepare you for college level classes and essays. You will be doing a LOT of papers. Are you an A student. in your honor algebra class? Have you talked to your math teacher about taking AP calculus? Perhaps taking pre coach’s or honor calculus would be better if you were not an A student in algebra. Putting in the work and time for honor and AP classes while in high school will prepare you for university level work. Yes they arr hard and require more work on your part. That is what college will be like. Talk to your algebra teacher . Talked to the AP teachers. You can get AP exam study guide books at a large bookstore or amazon. AP exams are for POSSIBLE college credit only. They do not figure into your acceptance. Colleges like to see honor and AP classes on your transcript. It shows you are willing to push yourself academically. But getting a C or lower in an AP class isn’t going to bode well.