Colorado permit test questions?

Does anyone know any questions that will be on the Colorado permit test? Or a *free* website where you can practice both easy and hard questions?? IMPORTANT or how to study for Colorado permit test


They'll test you for everything that's in the manual. So study it. There might be a trick question about u-turns. There are 4 places (actually 5) where a U-turn is not permitted. 1) at a signalized intersection (posted or not), 2) on a hill, 3) on a bridge, 4) anywhere where you cannot complete the turn in one action (that is, you don't have to stop, backup, and then start again when you hit the curb), ) anywhere where it is posted no U-turn. When you do the driver's test, be sure to stop well behind the thick white line. not with your wheels on it and your bumper sticking into the white lined area. They'll get you for it every time. Signal before changing lanes. Put on the parking brake after you have parked and turned the engine off. They will give you extra points for that. Know which direction to turn the wheels when parking on a hill.