I did an aptitude test and was wondering what kind of test the following is called.?

You have a path, like a line. On this line are shapes. You start out red. You have to go through the path. Everytime you pass a triangle, you turn to blue. Square = green. You have to go through the path and say what colour you are at the end of the path. Anybody know what this test is called? Forgot. There are junctions too. So basically, if you are red, go down, blue, go forward and so on. Found something on google. If anyone has heard of a Set/Reset Flipflop circuit. The test is like sending a bit through one of those and calculating what the output will be.


@David lol. No. It was a real aptitude test. I've never seen it before. Thought it was fun. Wanted to know what it was called. The drunk driving reference really did make me laugh though. :)


Were you driving before the test?