Can you work outside England if you went to University in England with a tuition fee loan?

I want to study criminology and psychology in England but I can t do that without a tuition fee loan. After I finish my courses at University, will I be able to work in that field outside England, or do I have to stay in England and work there in order to pay off my debt?


The student loan company do not ask where you are working. They connect to HMRC to collect the debt. You can work anywhere in the world that will have you. this degree is useless out of the U.K. so who is going to employ you to wash dishes?


Yes - but you'll need to continue to repay your student loan, and it will be due for repayment immediately, and not linked to income (as it would be if you were working in the UK)




Yes of course you can. The conditions on loan repayment apply only to England.

ibu guru

First of all, you will NOT qualify for any employment visa with a bachelor's degree in such fields, or even a master's degree. As a UK citizen with UK student loans, you're going to have to repay those loans before you go abroad anyway.