How can I study abroad with little to no money?

How can I study abroad with little to no money?I have been trying to plan out how I can study high school or college to Japan can someone plan it out for me who has done it?


Simply; you can't. Studying abroad is a fairly expensive luxury; even those with a very rare full scholarship will still have costs (flights, insurance etc)

ibu guru

To apply for any student visa if accepted by a university in any foreign country, you must prove you & your parents have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to country of citizenship. Japan's cost of living is extremely high, especially for housing. You & your parents would need a great deal of money to send you to Japan. Even if you could get a scholarship to help with tuition, expect to need a great deal of money for everything else! No money = no visa = no study abroad. If your parents don't have plenty of money, forget the notion of study abroad. You'll have to go to school in your country.

No Bozos

Women of today find that term derogatory, and studying a woman, money or no money, is considered stalking in today's world.