If you go study in a foreign country and get a university degree can you get the job in your original country?

Sorry about the title if it’s confusing? But I got curious, if someone went to study in a different country and come back can they still get the job in what they major in? For example, I live in USA but if I go to study in Canada or Mexico as a physician, nurse, engineer, or lawyer and get the degree can I go back in the USA and work as a official physician here in the USA? I’m just curious. Thanks!


Yes. A degree from a reputed college is accepted anywhere but just degree is not enough to get employment,you must have stuff in order to get a job.

ibu guru

Depends on your country of citizenship & where you go to school. For medicine, ALWAYS study in your country of citizenship to ensure your best chance of passing your country's medical exams & qualifying in your country. E.g. for Americans, there are no longer enough residency positions for all the Americans earning MD degrees from US medical schools. Earning a bachelor's in medicine or less than MD degree is a severe handicap - you'd be highly unlikely to pass all 3 phases of USMLE exams, and even if you did pass, you are unlikely to get hired when there are so many Americans with US MDs competing for such jobs. For any licensed occupation, e.g. any health-related profession, engineering, law, etc. a foreign degree is likely to be a handicap in passing exams, getting licensed, and actually getting a job. First, the foreign degree has to be acceptable to even qualify to sit those exams. For liberal arts degrees, e.g. history, art restoration, or a variety of other majors, studying abroad could be an advantage. E.g. the top-rated school in your chosen field could be abroad. Or a degree from Oxford or Cambridge is always highly regarded. If you went into, say, art history intending to get a master's in art restoration, studying art history in Europe could be helpful, or going to Courtauld's in London is the best art restoration program in the world. (But Buffalo State, that's NOT University at Buffalo!, is ranked among the best in the world if you cannot go to Courtauld's.) Since you only mention professional licensed occupations, if you're American, you go to US schools - the most highly rated schools you can get into.

David Mike

Yes, but it depends on the country where you want to work. There different policies and licenses for lawyers and doctors who completed their degrees from the foreign country and work in the home country. It is mandatory to get the license to work in US.


It depends on the country, the university, and the subject. Law for example is country specific; so while the degree may be recognised, you may need to redo it in your own country, or pass a number of other qualifications before you could practice. Some qualifications aren t recognised universally. Basically - you d need to check first.


Yes. BUT you still have to get licenses in the USA. College degrees NEVER guarantee employment or jobs.