My older sister is leaving to study abroad in Spain?

I am going to miss her a lot. She is 20 and I'm 13, by the way. But anyways, I've never been gone from her more than 2 months. She is going in January, and is coming back in May. Going to Spain isn't that much of an option, I have never left the USA before and I am not good at eating, so I probably would starve there. It's also too expensive. It is so stressful, as I am going to miss her so much. It will feel weird, as there is no one to play games with, fight with, ect. It's not like 4-5 months are gonna pass by fast anyways, as school is stressful for me and it passes by slowly. What do I do about this?!?!


You should let her go. Studying abroad in Spain sounds really fun. It will be a good learning experience for your sister, you should be happy for her. Any learning period less than 3 years is considered to be a short amount of time for studying abroad in a different country. Plus, Spain is a good country with lots of good food. You can always contact her by phone, skype, etc. After she comes back, then you can always be with her.

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Wish Sis well - tell her have a wonderful time. You aren't going anywhere, and it's time to grow up yourself. Don't hold Sis back, don't guilt-trip her. You have to let go & build your own life now.


You can keep in touch with her - social media, WhatsApp etc


Can you email her while she’s gone? Will she have her phone? (Have your parents check with your cell provider about texting your sister while she’s gone, sometimes it’s really expensive and sometimes you can add international texting and data for not that much) Can you face time or Skype? Ask her to send you lots of postcards they’re fun to get in the mail and a cool keepsake.

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Skype, text, Facetime, e-mail, other social media. All those options weren't available to 13 year olds whose big sisters went to study in Spain 20 years ago, so you're fortunate.


Really nothing to suggest other than Skype or FaceTime.