Recognition of NZ study overseas?

If I am a NZ registered pharmacist, what is the process if I wish to move overseas to USA/CA/UK?

ibu guru

No shortage of pharmacists in US, and no way you will work in US even if you earn PharmD from a US school of pharmacy. Neither bachelor's nor master's degrees in pharmacy are available or acceptable in the US. Pharmacist is not on UK shortage list, so a new pharmacy degree would be useless for getting a job in UK. Ditto for Canada. IF you earn PharmD AND get several years of experience AND pass Canada's licensing exams, perhaps you could find an employer in a remote area of northern Canada who could sponsor you, IF it is on Canada's shortage list at the time you qualify, and you can beat out all the competition to get into Canada. Immigration anywhere is not likely to be a viable option. Even Cambodia is loaded with pharmacists. I had two pharmacies located on my block in Phnom Penh, two more around the corner to the right, and three around the corner to the left...