What jobs can I easily get into working abroad?

I live in the uk. Am under 21 I study hair no but hate it it’s there anything I can get into abroad? Even a cruise etc Serious answers only


You can go to Hong Kong and teach English. No Chinese required. There is a huge demand over there to learn English.


What is 'hair no' and how do you study it?


Teaching English





ibu guru

Study Hair? Good grief. IF you are studying hairdressing, that's such a low-level skill there's no way you'll work abroad - ever. Even for a cruise ship's salon, they hire only experienced, licensed experts with an excellent reputation or celebrity hairdressers. You have no qualifications for any sort of decent job in your own country. You are not even pursuing any highly educated & highly skilled occupation (minimum master's degree + experience in STEM occupation). How could you possibly think you'd qualify to work anywhere else & qualify for a costly employment visa? No employer is going to spend serious money applying for your temporary employment visa unless you have some exceptional education, training, experience, expertise they cannot obtain in their own country. E.g. US employers obtaining an H1-b visa for a foreign worker may spend up to $25,000, including legal fees & all.