Are you pro life or for abortion?

I have a strong foundation on both I just want to read your opinion and side so I can compare. Because I think this is a really interesting topic. I go to a private school and I think the way this was explained to me opened up my mind and I began to understand it better then I thought what if everyone heard the same explanation from the same teacher my teacher then maybe it would change the way people perceived both. So I want a reference on how far off your knowledge and understanding is compared to that of my teacher’s.


"Pro-life" is an awful misnomer used to self-justify and for the vast majority instead means anti-abortion or against a woman's right to choose. In order to be pro-life, a person has to be against private gun ownership, for universal health care, against war, against death penalty. I rarely meet anyone who is pro-life in all of its aspects. I am for a woman's right to choose, and access to proper health care. A fetus has not been born. As the fetus grows, it becomes more questionable, and by third trimester, there has to be either something wrong with the fetus or endangered mother. I respect anyone who is truly pro-life and can understand the debate from that perspective, but anyone who is a control freak of someone else is not in the situation to make the decision. Society is not prepared for unwanted babies in the race/ethnic mix that is typical. Yes, white healthy babies can find homes easily, but what about the rest of them?


Pro choice.


I would not describe my position as either. I do not like abortion and would not do one personally but I also do not agree with the people who feel they have a right to impose their beliefs on others. People who wish to impose their religious problems on others are a serious threat to freedom and this has been proven throughout history. My position is first and foremost based on the type of country we that is founded on the basis of democracy, or to be more specific are representative of the people democratic Constitutional Republic. The constitution clearly states we have the right to religion and have the right to be free of religious persecution. Religion can serve much good in the world when the do unto others as you would like to be treated view point is taken, but when it becomes you must do as we want then religion threatens democracy. This is important as I believe some religious people make religion as their top priority and believe that their religion supersedes everything and even takes priority over the Constitution and this is where we have a big problem If their religion is more important than the foundational rules of our country which guarantee many freedoms, than the religious people feel justified that they can do anything to achieve their religious objectives, and next thing you know you have the odd spectacle of American so called Christians being Donald Trump's core base of supporters who will be tolerant of corruption, treason, and all of his other negative traits and criminal activities and playing around with other women while marries etc...because he will give them judges that will fight abortion and maybe make the life of gays harder in the USA. If Trump sold out the USA to Putin, they would not care too much about that because their top priorities are being taken care of otherwise. So, I am generally pro life personally, pro choice for others to make their own choices. In other words I care and respect the fact that the unborn baby is a potential human being, but I also respect the mother who is an actual living breathing citizen right now and not only that but I care about the baby once its born and how its treated, that it has access to good healthcare and help from society if it needs it and a good and free public education etc....I say this because I do not think the so called pro lifers really care too much about the lives of babies after they are born and are willing to tolerate much mistreatment that happens to them...


I'm pro choice. I feel that a lot of pro lifers (not I'm not trying to generalize or speak for all of them because I know they aren't all like this) only care about delivering the baby and not what happens to it after. What's the point of giving birth to a child if it's only going to live a life of suffering? A life where their parents can't support them properly. A life where their parents are unfit to take care of them and end up abusing them. A life where they get put up for adoption, this can cause a lot of mental health issues later on (not saying all kids who are adopted have mental health issues but it's a thing) The world is overpopulated anyways so what's the point of bringing more children into it who aren't necessarily going to live a good life because their parents are unfit to take care of them? What about women who have gotten raped? Would it be fair to make them go through 9 months of carrying their rapists child, no of course not! I feel women should have a choice with what they want to do with their bodies. Btw I would love to hear about your teachers thoughts on this


For abortion. If a mother is unable to care for her child then she should have the choice to abort it, or if it would cause distress.

Mr. Smartypants

False dichotomy. NOBODY is Pro Abortion.


I am pro-choice but I encourage people to choose life. Women should have the option to choose to get rid of a product of rape etc but I also encourage them to see the good that comes with life, any life.


Child support sucks, pro choice woot woot


Pro-life, because if our mothers chose to have an abortion on us we would not be alive on this earth.