Do you think teachers should accept late work from the students?



Only in exceptional circumstances. Otherwise what is the point in setting a deadline at all?


It depends on the age. The older the kid the more the responsibility.


That depends on the reason for lateness. I once got an extension over the holidays so that I could access the collection of a better library.


Not without a "good" excuse. The real world will not be so accommodating.


It’s up to the teacher. For me, it would depend upon the length and complexity of the assignment.




No Late work is a Failure leave your mobile Phone at home you are NOT that Important


No. When a deadline is given it has to be met. Letting things slide just teaches the kid bad habits.


Yes unless the teacher is in bed.


No. It teaches them very bad habits, namely that slackness, laziness, couldn’t-be-bothered attitude, and failure to perform, will be rewarded. Students need to learn to perform *professionally*, that is, as if someone else’s life, freedom or property is in their hands. The teacher should teach the class: 1. Put the deadline in your diary. Then mark in your diary the date four weeks, three weeks, and two weeks before the deadline. 2. Set yourself an artificial deadline to finish the work three weeks before the due date. Then set the work aside, and come back to it a week later and finish it. 3. If for some reason you cannot make the deadline, make a written request for an extension of time, giving reasons and evidence. 4. Only late work that has received an EoT will be accepted.