Is it okay for a principal to tell a teacher what she feels she's doing wrong in front of her students?

school principal went into my child's 4th grade class and started telling the teacher in front of her students what she was doing wrong, like she's giving her students easy work. And gave her a warning and made her cry. Should she have done that and as a parent should that be something to step up?


Who are you getting this info from? Your child? If you or your child is upset by the incident, then contact the teacher and ask what happens first. Then talk to the principal.


A common leadership principle is "praise in public and criticize in private". From a leadership perspective, the principal acted poorly.

Katie M

Nooooooooo, that is not cool. I'm not sure I understand your question, "Should she have done that and as a parent should that be something to step up". If the principal didn't like what the teacher was doing, the right and courteous thing to do would have been to discuss it in private. The last thing any teacher needs is to be reprimanded in front of his/her students. The principal was thoughtless.


I think it was wrong. Not discrete. It undermines her authority in front of the children. The principal should have spoken to the teacher about it in private. The kids will lose respect for her, and may even run to the principle to "tell on" her about other trivial things. This only boosts the principals ego in thinking she is this powerful authority figure, instead of making a united front of her and the teacher with the kids.


Maybe he wanted the students to know.