The teacher took my slingshot and i dont want my parents to come pick it up from the office?

I was holding the slingshot in my hands and my teacher took it away. He said that he is going to the office and my parents are going to have to pick it up. My parents will get really pissed if they find out so please help!


Dumb kids, oh man... School is for educating yourself, not for acting like an idiot. You'll learn from your mistakes.


My best advice is to first SINCERELY apologize to the teacher. Then, sincerely apologize to whomever is holding the slingshot in the office. Ask them to throw it away instead of calling your parents, and promise to never do such a thing again... then DON'T ever do such a thing again! They may call your parents anyway, but you can try. Oh, and they will know if you are not sincere.

Lone Cat

What do you think I can do about it? Why would you even have a sling shot at school? You must know not to do that.


What are you Bart Simpson?


You've lost the device. Chalk it up to confiscation of contraband and forget it.


Then you should have thought of that before you took it to school.


A sling shot?? Just tell the teacher to sling it.


Write it off.


the only thing you could possibly do is have someone pretend to be your parent if you don’t want them to find out lmao