What are your thoughts of teacher pay rates?

Do feel that they should stay the same, be lower, or even raised? If so why do you feel that way and should there be stipulations applied?


It really depends on the school district, as teachers within a particular US state all have somewhat different pay schedules. I'm actually more concerned about college/university compensation of professors in STEM and medical fields like nursing. Most institutions of higher ed determine salary based on degree earned and number of years teaching experience. That means a young man or woman (just staring a career) with a doctorate in engineering would typically make three times as much in the private sector as he or she would in academia.

Karen L

For where? In some places they are paid well, in some they are not.


6 Hrs a day Overpaid I served 38 years in the Military and when i left they Owed me 25,000 for Overtime i could not collect


they deserve at least 3 times what theyre making


In 47 out of the 50 states, their average is higher then the community they teach in. Add the perks they get, better then average benifits and time off. I'd say the old they are underpaid line is no longer true. The only stipulation about pay that I think may be in order, is that their average should be somewhere around the states, not their community or districts, average wage. The state has both it's own educational funding as well as the bit the feds give us. That should be used to supplement, equal out the wages across the state. Supplement the poorer districts trying to bring them up to the more wealthier districts wages.