What does a Bachelors in History involve?

I'm working towards a masters in teaching and am trying to pick a simple Bachelors that will help the Teaching degree


Well, seeing as how you say your're currently in a graduate program, I'm assuming you already have completed a four year university degree. The requirements can vary, but most universities require at least 12 history courses (the majority of which must be in 300 and 400 level classes). You will be required to complete coursework in at least three areas: U.S. history, European history, and Global/non-Western history.


Specifics depend on the school you're going to. Most likely you will have to do a large amount of coursework in different areas of history (American, European, Modern, Ancient, etc...) Since your goal is to get a teaching certificate, I would recommend taking not only the history classes, but also classes in a few of the other social studies (psychology, sociology, economics, political science, geography, and anthropology). Most middle/high school social studies teachers are certified to teach all of these, not just history. I have a Bachelor's in History, as well as a Bachelor's in General Studies, and a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction. (currently teaching history in an alternative high school in Connecticut)


On a semester academic calendar, usually 5 to 6 or more advanced and graduate level courses. Introductory meeting and intermediate level courses are prerequisites. You need to specialize, and then specialize with a a time period. Like American history modern history, or ancient history or history of science. You may not be able to major in something like ancient history because a particular college or school does not offer enough courses. When I was at Tulane, Newcomb college, one faculty member was the entire ancient history department. He taught 4 courses per year. Two intermediate and two graduate level courses. This is from more than 40 years ago. No, you do NOT have to take history courses in different areas. Ive taken only one European history course. And I took 2 south east Asian history courses when the Vietnam war was escalating and got Cs in both of them. This was 1971 - 1975.


Lots of philosophy.