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No thanks, I already have a stalker. Read my bio.


Yahoo Facebook Twitter Instagram are Famous for cyberbullies they start in Kindergarten and its Mother says Oh that is Cute


What about it? You are supposed to ask a question.


Cyberbullying is like Regular Bullying only instead of in Person its on the Internet Cyber Bullying is not Allowed on Social Media many Sites take Cyber Bullying Serious If you see Cyber Bullying Happening or if you are a Victim of it Report It


Cyberbullying is the situation like another; the perception and expectation of the content then are held in satisfaction of the presentation; being left of valuable spectators, the illusory participation then are held at lack of conclusion; the demands of the situation makes in wonders of the availability the charging of the famous societies; to participate in the enrichment of the available content which where made in success of the reality; being the reality itself manipulated to communicate the famous talks, a form of censorship in one way or another where already constructed at the humanitarian planet earth;


Any time


No, thank you.