Do you agree with President Trump? Is the "love of money" the root of all evil??



I believe that this quote is from the some anti 'American' Democrat 'book' or another. But not President Trump - unless he said it after he left the party of Democrat sex criminals and reformed.


Sorry, that expression comes from the Bible, Trump did not originate it. King James Bible "For the love of money is the root of all evil."

KaleyK: That phrase is a biblical quote (Timothy 6

That phrase is a biblical quote (Timothy 6:10) not a Trump quote.


Trump never said that but yes I agree with that old saying That's why Trump is so evil, he's only about the money

Ms. Clones

If he really repeated that old adage I'd be amazed, because, other than media attention, it's all he cares about. People like him don't usually don't make such honest admissions.


That was some guy in the Bible


I tend not to agree with Trump about anything. He is a SCHMUCK. P.S. I WILL NEVER CALL HIM OUR PRESIDENT,


He would never admit that. When and where did he say that?