He was looking at me today BUT I noticed a ring. What does that mean?



It means exactly what you think it means. That he’s married, and you should stay away


Don't mean crap. You need to stop thinking it's all about you. People can and do look at others for no particular reason you know.


Married guys can look but not touch.

Doug Freyburger

He noticed you - He's not blind. You noticed a ring - You're not blind either.

John P

On which finger is that ring? And remember that men in general look around, whether they are married or not.

The Mann



I don't think the people responding to your question understand what you're asking. The sentence means that the speaker has an interest in "He" and was encouraged that "He" was looking at her, but she saw a ring on his finger and realized "He" was married. Is that what you're asking, or did I get it wrong, too?

Mir Quasem

Pl wait.

real estate guy

It could mean that he was just looking at you. I'm married and I do sometimes look at people I think are good looking or sexy. IT DOESN"T MEAN I would cheat with them. It's okay to look, not touch. OR it could mean he want's to f**k you, he's married and is okay with cheating. Or it could mean that he WAS married and still wants to f**k you.


OMG so what. Cheating is a culture nowadays, do you not know? Please get with the times.

Night Sky

You were looking at his a**??