How many months is 6 weeks?



One month and an indeterminate number of days. The maximum number of extra days is 14 (28+14=42) and the minimum number is 11 (31+11=42). Most people consider it to be one month and two weeks or one and a half months, but other than the full month being a February with 28 days, this is impossible. In this one case, it is both exactly one month and two weeks AND one and a half months. With any other month being the full month, you fall short on both counts.


6 weeks is about 1 and a 1/2 months or about 1.5 months

Russ in NOVA

Your question makes me very sad about the education system in our country. The answer is approximately 1.4 months = 6 weeks, but since months do not all have the same length it is hard to be any more accurate. Some people would just round up and say about a month and a half.


1 1/2 months


One and a half months.


I month with 2 weeks left over.


About one and a half months.

John P

So, you really have no idea how long a month is! I find that hard to believe. For info: 6 weeks is just under one and a half months.


1 1/2 months


Where I live, (Europe) there are 4 weeks in a month. Half of 4 is two, so that would be 1 and a half months. Of course, months vary in length. The most correct would be to use February which has 28 days. (but not in a Leap year). One week: 7 days, 4 x 7 = 28. Plus 2 weeks , 2 x7=14 . Grand total : 42. Divide this by 7 = 6.


Roughly a month and a half.

Good Man

One month and 2 weeks




Approximately 4 weeks in 1 month. So, 6 weeks = 1 month and 2 weeks...........ANS

Jiraiya The Gallant

One and a half months


14 weeks