Liberals want to ban straws. How are kids supposed to drink milkshakes?


Dances with Weed

Lets just get it over and ban everything every liberal can think of that offends them in any way...including conservatives, independents, constitutionalists, etc. These people will be required to commit ritual suicide. This is in addition to all the products...cigarettes, alcohol, non hybrid/electric cars and trucks, red meat, water, air, religion, dogs and cats, etc etc etc.etc.


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Weasel McWeasel

Wendy's gives you a spoon with their Frosty shakes.

John P

Is that actually "plastic straws"? Indeed it would be better to use paper straws, just as all of us did before plastic straws were invented. Going back even further, why is the word "straw" used for a slim slurping device? Yes, you guessed, actual lengths of straw were used.

Jas B

There were paper straws long before plastic ones


If they absolutely need a straw then kids are supposed to use either bio-degradable or re-usable straws. "Single use, plastic, straws" are no good for the environment .. but, if you aren't a Liberal, I appreciate that you don't give a stuff about the environment !!


Like birds. The mom swallows it and then regurgitates down the kids' throats. 🐦

Concerned Dad

Liberals usually pour the Nesquick and Milk directly into their partner's anus and then pound it to oblivion before farting the crapshake into the packer's mouth. This saves a straw and only spreads HIV as a trade off.

Jonathan Gruber

Milkshakes will be next on the chopping block. Yay freedom!


i'm not a liberal, but i would like to see a huge reduction in the manufacture and use of "throwaway" plastic items


lefties need to keep the base riled up & annngrrrrrrryyyyyyy 7 days a week with impossible insipid lost causes in order to pass more laws


They want to ban PLASTIC straws. You can use a paper straw.


I am not a liberal, but l think it's ok to ban straws.


They can buy metal straws from places like Walmart.


They cannot drink milkshakes But you eat them with a spoon

my name

haha libtards buy them from china lololololololololololmao


all Plastic straws should be banned to help save the environment

Ms. Clones

Why does anyone need a straw to drink anything? Edit: Small children can use a sippy cup. .


Reusable straws.


Once again, a ludicrous conclusion based upon nothing that has actually been said. And how been kids do you know going around drinking milkshakes, by the way?


Don't think liberals want to 'ban straws' - they want to ban 'plastic straws'. Go back in my lifetime to the 1940s and 1950s when straws were made of real straw. When the wheat was harvested, some of the wheat straws (millions of them) were made into drinking straws. These do not polute the Earth and if thrown away after use, simply rot back into Mother Earth from whence they came.