Why would a guy who tricked me into thinking he was a serious man not answer when i asked if he liked me?

This was all online chatting with a man from a dating site btw. He was like 'i like you a little'. And I was chewing him out for not answering if he liked me or not. 'a little' is not an answer. So why would a grown man with a career act like that? At least let me know you aren't interested in a serious relationship so I can stop hoping that you will one day and I can stop talking to you, timewaster. You know? Grown men cant be honest?

Karen L

Grown men often can't be honest about stuff like this, but all you've done is chat online. Maybe he is interested in a serious relationship, but didn't yet know if it's with you or not. But if someone I'd never met told me he was serious about me, I'd run a mile. Those are the guys who are likely to try and scam you out of your life savings and/or all you can borrow.