Does the word ‘provocative’ usually mean infuriating/aggravating or sexually arousing?

I know it means both but which meaning is most applied. Like if someone said, “That’s provocative.” Which meaning is it ? Only Matt can answer my question. He’s the only genius among you.


Provocative can mean just thought provoking. "I saw a very provocative documentary on PBS about the dam structures in Africa." Or it can mean sexy- "She wore a very provocative negligee." It doesn't mean aggravating or infuriating at all.


The basic meaning is to provoke one and, while it may be sexual, that is not the most common connotation.


The uses of "provocative" are pretty evenly distributed. Behavior can be provocative, usually meaning intended to provoke a fight. Clothing or behavior can be provocative, meaning sexually provocative. Thoughts can be provocative, meaning they provoke deeper thought.


It would have taken less time and effort to type "provocative define" into Google Search.

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