Hey! I’m 17 turn 18 in a couple days and I’m opening my online boutique around next year, but I can’t find a boutique name worth a damn!?

Everything that I like domain name is taken. Any suggestions? It’ll help if you can comment rare words that mean stylish, elegant, etc. anything related to fashion or style! Example: Virago KairoKollection Kalon Meraki eunoia Froward Querencia Micawber Naz Elysian Sulit Eesome Virago Empire Elysian Meraki Orphic Oenomel Orenda Numinous FashionsMuse recherché houseofélan Élan


The thesaurus is your friend.


Turning 18


You seem to have a preference for names with a Greek connection. If you use one, be sure your non-Greek clients will be able to pronounce it easily.