What does a package of 3 mean? one package × 3= three packages, or one package which there are 3 things in?



One package that have 3 things in it. Otherwise, you would say 3 packages.


There are three things in a package.


one package of three things.


One package with three things

Jake No Chat

one package which there are 3 things in it.

Doctor P

package in which there are 3 things


there are 3 things in it


It means one package that contains three items.


The package contains three of the items of interest. The item of interest could itself be a package or the item of interest could be an unpackaged item. For example: you might buy a package containing three boxes of spaghetti (three individual packages in a larger package) or you might buy a package containing three pencils (three items not individually packaged, packaged together in a single package)


a package of three, a three-pack, is three items in a single package. like a six-pack has six bottles or cans. One could describe a package containing three separate items each in its own unique packaging, and bundles together as a three pack or a package of three. Bottles are basically that, after all, individual "Packages", so a six-pack would be a bundle of six packaged items in that meaning. Usually, we thing of the items as loose items when saying a package of X number, or X-number pack. But the loose items could, themselves be in packages already, as individual items. If you do not have one single item (a single bulk package), you would not call it a package of three. You would call it three packages, even if each package was identical to to the other.

Donnie Porko

Pack of 3 is 3 items. Pack x 3 means 3 packs so 3 items so 9 items total.