What does this phrase mean? "Do not take me for the granted" (13 reason why? s1 e1)?



"don't take me for granted" means "there are some behaviours that could make you lose me"


First, the set phrase in English for this is "for granted". There is never a "the" in the middle, because that's just the way this has evolved in English as a set phrase. "granted" here (in the set phrase) means something old, well-known, familiar, common, ordinary, everyday, as "a given" (all adjectives) and the way that everybody (in a community) expects something to be.


When you take something or someone for granted it means that you don't appreciate them for their value. It is similar to the phrase "You don't know what you really lost until it is gone."


It means do not take me as as someone who will automatically agree to everything you say or what you want me to do.


take someone for granted - to expect someone to always be there and do things for you even when you do not show that you are grateful https://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/take-someone-for-granted

Doctor P

take someone for granted (phrase) If you say that someone takes you for granted, you are complaining that they benefit from your help, efforts, or presence without showing that they are grateful. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/take-someone-for-granted


Taking something (or someone) for granted means that you are making assumptions about it - that it (or the person) will always be there, will always be comfortable or supportive in whatever way you have become used to. We may take the love and support of our parents for granted. We may take our comfortable living conditions for granted. If someone says "Don't take me for granted" it means that you are making an assumption about them that may not be correct. If you treat a friend badly, for example, and he says this, you may find he will stop being such a friend to you. He is warning you!