What is the difference between these two sentences?

1) A nurse also works at a hospital 2) A nurse works at a hospital too.


1. A nurse may do many things. For example, a nurse may raise children, attend yoga class, buy groceries, do volunteer work, and also work at a hospital. 2. A nurse may work many places. For example, a nurse works at a school, in a doctors office, and at a hospital, too.

John P

If you are defining "nurses" in general in terms of how and where they work, I would write "Nurses also work in hospitals." Note the plural form, and "in hospital". Note also that I am British, Americans etc might have different ideas.


Nothing. They're the same. There should be a comma before "too."


Apart from wording, there is no significant difference.


Basically the same thing

Concerned Citizen: You used different words in the sentences silly

You used different words in the sentences silly :)