What is the meaning of equality? How has its meaning changed since the writing of the Constitution of 1787?



This is going to be yours to work out and discuss, in terms of 'political equality' and your homework. But take into account that back around the time of the Revolution only MEN of a certain RACE and CLASS status were considered 'politically legitimate.' The Civil War was then fought four score and some years later to start to even out the RACE factor regarding 'equality', and then it was still another 60 years (in most places) after that, that WOMEN were allowed to be 'politically equal.' There are other things to consider as well; but I'll leave those to you to discover.


People being treated the same (equality) As I am British I know nothing of the US constitution but Equality is too modern phase to be used in those days.


The meaning is the same now as ever. How it is applied has changed, but not the meaning. Equality was not seen to exist the same extent, same breadth of inclusion, as we now perceive it to possess. The meaning though is unchanged. Equality refers to the state of being equal. The idea was less inclusive in 1787 than it is today.

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Equality is the same status, rights, and responsibilities for all the members of a society, group, or family; the condition of being equal, esp. of having the same political, social, and economic rights https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/equality the state of being equal, especially in having the same rights, status, and opportunities The Party is committed to sexual and racial equality. Many people made sacrifices to achieve basic equality for women. equality between: equality between husband and wife equality with: Young men sought equality with their elders. https://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/american/equality