Why does everyone think theyre smart because they can spell and use punctuation?

the fac you think its an achievement to spell usuallying someone elses made up words shows that u are actuall y a pleb


Your premise is wrong. The fact that I/we can spell and use proper grammar does not make me/us smart. However, the fact that you do NOT does make YOU look uneducated, stupid -- or both.


It’s not that I believe a person who can’t spell is less educated or lacking in intelligence: I was in “special” classes thanks to my inability to spell and I have an IQ of 138.. Their inferiority shows when they fail to utilize something as basic as spell check or post their questions and comments without proofreading first.


Well, it's better than spelling it wrong, or not using grammar. (Plus, it's easier to read).


Oh. so being unable to spell or use punctuation is a sign of some other superior intelligence that most fail to recognize? Is that your contention? I do not think it is "smart" to be able to spell and use the language for communication, but I do think it is the sign of a rudimentary intelligence. Almost anyone, any human, can spell and write in a way that complies with the norms of communication practices. It does not require a superior intelligence, so the lack of said skill implies either an extreme stupidity or a supreme lack of respect for the communication needs of others. So, which is it, stupidity or selfishness? One or the other.


And yet, you don't know the easiest of english.

Mark big sky boat man

because it's so easy.

Richard D

Because they teach that as college english, saying everything in semi-colons and getting everything right. Here in the street it is all vernacular.