Would you capitalize the term 'Queen of England'?

Or would it be 'queen of England'?


Only when it is a proper noun. eg Anne, Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland. If you are talking about any old queen of England, when it was still a kingdom, then no.


Capitalize if you're referring to a specific person by their official title. Unless you mean "a queen of England."


Titles such as Ms Mrs Mr King Queen etc. have capital letters.


If it is The Queen, capitalization is appropriate, but, if it is a queen, then there is no need for capitalization.


If you mean a particular individual, she is known by the title of Queen (capitalize). A generic queen though is not a title. There is only one Queen of England at this time, but there have been many queens of England in the past. They would also be called a "Queen of England" if you mean the title they have possessed, rather than the role they filled. The current Queen of England is one of many queens that England has had.


As always, it depends on the CONTEXT. For example: "In a discussion of queens of England, it's important to note that while the present queen is Queen Elizabeth II of England, she is only Queen Elizabeth I of Scotland."


Capitalize (Am spelling) means make the most of. I think you mean using a capital letter for the word Queen and in this instance yes, I would because this is a specific person. By the way, the current British Queen may be Queen of England, but not confined to England only. She is Queen of England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland as well as her other territories. Google it.


Depends on context, if you’re talking about a female who is or the monarch of the country, a a consort who held the title until her death 'The 'Queen of England'. If you’re taking about a woman who was held, but then lost the title, 'queen of England' is acceptable. Elizabeth I was The Queen of England after her sisters death. Anne Boleyn was a queen of England, as were her daughters step mothers .

Janet S

You mean referring to Elizabeth I or somebody? Capital Q.


It should be Queen of England.


'Queen" was the official title of Queen Anne, the last Queen of England, so it is capitalised. Queen Elizabeth II is not the Queen of England but the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as well as fifteen or so other realms. She is officially Queen of Australia, Queen of Jamaica, Queen of New Zealand and Queen of Canada but she is not Queen of England.


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