Did this singer really do this, or is it fake?

I just honestly can't believe anyone would do this to their face. I adore Harry Styles, but you'd have to be INSANE to get a tattoo on your cheek of him! Can you imagine how uncomfortable Harry Styles must feel? Turned out to be a publicity stunt

Mrs. Frankenstein

There is that woman who got DRAKE tattooed on her forehead...yeah, people can go nuts for their favorite celebrities and think their "sacrifice" or whatever the hell they want to call it will pay off in the end, that their fandom will be rewarded, but they are delusional.


...and who really cares?

Homer Bufflekill

If she did, she is dumber than she looks...


it doesn't not even look like harry so what a waste

Atheist Dude

Seems so


Seems so. She’s going to deeply regret that. Tattos really shouldn't belong on your face and tattos of Celebrities is crazy IMO. Imagine the person who kisses her or has sex with her and has to see Harry Styles on her face lol talk about awkward.


Publicity stunt


i wonder if anyone has tried this with a ball-point pen first; you know, just to see how it looks?


All you sickie you adore harry styles she got hairy styles on face ugly. Crazy stop taking drugs Go to church drink milk


Why is this any of YOUR concern?