Have you ever met a celebrity ? I did?

wow you guys have very interest life


Once a long time ago.

A.J. Mansions

Yes quite a few the most famous being Paul McCartney


I AM a celebrity. Does that count? But yeah.


Yeah, lots of times. That is one of the problems of living in So Cal.

The Football God

Yes,a few. President Nixon was the biggest one.

Katie M

Yes. I lived in Ojai, CA and there are several celebrities who live there.

Question Queen

Not a big one, but I met 2 of the brothers from B5. They're not famous anymore. I saw Ciara, Trick Daddy, Bobby Valentino, Ying Yang Twins & J Lo in person, but didn't get to meet them. 1 of those Ying Yang twins ACTUALLY looks like a billy goat!

daljack -a girl

Yes.....quite a few.

Atheist Dude



Yes I have

jeffrey f

Yes. I've met several.


Yes, Rin Tin Tin in 1955 or so


Once when I was walking after work in the back of a parking lot, Jack Black came out of a building where they were doing a movie and he looked at me and said hello. I said hello back. Does that count?