Should Howard Schultz be tried for treason against the one true democratic party?


Donald K

He's unimportant in the context of local policy towards Venezuela. What IS important, however, is Dems defending Putin's Maduro against our own USA. They are shamelessly helping Russia in Venezuela with media silently looking on and while we have a baseless RussiaCollusion investigation harming not them, but POTUS who is actually being hardest against Russia. This division and harm to the USA must stop! Venezuela is right on our doorstep, and the support Putin's Maduro is getting from the party of Kamala Harris, AOC, Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Pelosi and Schumer must STOP,it is treason.


I dunno is HE ILLEGALLY TAKING MONEY FROM THE KREMLIN like most of the Republican party, the entire NRA, and also Jill Stein, Dennis Kucinich, and Tulsi Gabbard -- to be nonpartisan?

Alvin Colmes

Socialism is not the "one true democratic party". LOL


We need more Independent candidates . Everyone should contribute to Schultz for President !


Hes working for Donald Trump. You dont hear a one of them objecting. Jill Stein did the same and was also in on the Putin take over of our election. Sitting in Russia at the table with Putin and some other Americans compromised.