Why do celebrities live in mansions, I want to see a rich person live a middle class life, in a suburb ?

Why not just live a modest life with a new 30 thousands dollar car instead of a 75 thousand dollar one, why not a 300,000 dollar home instead of a million dollar home.. ETC


Having a mansion is a status symbol.


Because they can, and it's a status symbol. Why would a rich and famous celeb want to live among the middle class? They want to live in a gated community with people who are like them.


They have to live in mansions because they take in all the refugees from the caravan

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Sometimes they buy larger houses just as a status symbol for all the money that they have earned or just to be noticed. If I was rich then yes I would buy a larger house, but not one with 10 bedrooms, you can buy large houses that only have 3 bedrooms, but then I am not trying to impress anyone with the way that I live.


They have the money and LA is usually where everything is Wouldnt you live in a mansion if you had the money?


Also those full time business men buy those 4 bedroom nice houses and get married, but never understood the point of that if you're gonna be spending most of your time at work than you will with ur wife and house. Full time employed men are better off just single and living in a trailer


if I were rich I wouldn't need a 10 bedroom mansion or 4 cars. why not just live a modest life. if its just my wife my children and me than why do I need a house big enough for 20 people.? Never understood that. why buy a 75,000 dollar car when a 30,000 will do just fine..ETC