Is black butler 2 canon to the anime?

is black butler 2 canon to the anime? is it the last one in the series if we build a timeline or is it that ciel isnt even actually a demon? im thinking that this either occured after season 3 or it didnt happen at all? please help im confused


season 2 is an original anime only story that has no real relation to the manga's canon story. the latter half of season 1 is also anime only story. if you want anime adaptations for the manga's story, ignore everything with pluto and angela/ash in season 1, skip season 2 entirely, and start book of circus after the curry arc in season 1 with prince soma. then continue with book of murder and the movie my theory with how weird the anime is is that they might have underestimated the popularity of the show. with the addition of angela being ciel's parents' murderer, season 1 could theoretically be the end. season 2 extends it a little but that ending with ciel becoming a demon and sebastian being forever his servant leaves no room for making more story, so they had to just drop the whole thing entirely and just focus on going back to adapting the source material.

Mircea The Young

The ending of the first season and the entire second season that followed it are anime-original content. The more recent anime, the "Book" anime, pick up from where the first season deviated.